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Founder and creative walking gypsy


I have an intense love of our Earth, her people, their cultures and the intense beauty everywhere.  Walk the Earth was incepted and brought to life as a means for me and my artist friends to be able to do what we love, create change in this world so all can live the life we deserve. The Universe provides everything we need and we truly just get to allow it all to flow with very intentional action. 


Being a gypsy and artist at heart, I am driven and love creating ways for creative souls to authentically walk this earth - whatever that looks like for them.  Walking the Earth is all encompassing and is all about what we want to do, where we want to put our energy and what is important to each of us – then we get to collaborate to get there! I get to work with people, organizations and causes to create outcomes.


Walking the Earth is a very personal journey and you get to decide how you want to walk this earth! Your desires coupled with my extensive budgeting coaching experience and many years creating events and funding causes we can create outcomes – small endeavors or enormous purposes.




What does Walk the Earth mean to me?

It is an authentic journey with myself which includes the family and friends that I get to walk with. This journey with myself and my path is a plan to walk many miles on this earth, do everything I can to heal our planet and ease the destruction. Walk the Earth means an awareness of the need for activism to heal, respect and protect our Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. WTE is about lending a hand to those in need and expanding money sources so that they can too walk this Earth. This is a place to focus on the good on the planet because what we focus on grows. Walk the Earth is a choice to choose love over fear and take action to create shifts. 


What do I have to offer?

I have 20 years event experience, specializing in logistics and operations. I love to make events happen. I love to assist organizations in raising funds by having fun events.


I have assisted close to one hundred individuals to change their money habits, move out of debt and create new income avenues. I love to assist individuals in looking at how they handle their money and how to create more so that they get to live the life they deserve. I also have come from a place of scarcity to abundance beyond what I can imagine (look for my money story coming soon) and have discovered some amazing tools.


I give my clients 12 plus years in accounting and taxes, countless years in customer service, unending years as an entrepenuer, as well as buckets of enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration.  



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