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Walk the Earth 

Walk the Earth is based on the belief that we all deserve to live the life we desire, as well as the knowledge that this Earth deserves to be cared for, respected and protected. Our Earth is full of many beautiful resources, cultures, and traditions that given action with desire; your dreams can be brought to fruition. This Earth is a whole, live being and provides all we need to care for Her and all Her inhabitants. The resources to create all that we desire are available!


Walking the Earth can mean anything from getting to walk with other people to actually physically walking the earth creating adventures. It can mean discovering fun entrepreneur’s endeavors to bring money in for an environmental need. Or it can simply mean throwing a party to send nurses on a medical mission.

Michelle Stephen


Welcome to Walk the Earth. I am so excited to walk with you! I am the founder, creative, walking gypsy. I have an intense love of our Earth, her people, their cultures and the intense beauty everywhere.  Walk the Earth was incepted and brought to life as a means for me and my artist friends to be able to do what we love, create change in this world so all can live the life we deserve. 


Being a gypsy and artist at heart, I am driven and love creating ways for creative souls to authentically walk this earth - whatever that looks like for them.  Walking the Earth is all encompassing and is all about what we want to do, where we want to put our energy and what is important to each of us – then we get to collaborate to get there! I get to work with people, organizations and causes to create outcomes. Walking the Earth is a very personal journey and you get to decide how you want to walk this earth! Your desires coupled with my extensive budgeting coaching experience and many years creating events and funding causes we can create outcomes – small endeavors or enormous purposes. MORE

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