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“Creating a life you love is the greatest adventure of all”.

A brave, badass adventurer. A poignant story teller. A woman by her own admission who lived three decades misaligned and stuck. A woman who started listening, hearing, seeing, and feeling the signs that serious change needed to happen. A woman who then created magic!

I met Gail at a full moon fire ceremony and she told me about the life she wanted to live, what her dreams were. Right after that she received a diagnosis that rocked her world and hence the transformation began! I got to watch this transformation first hand and it is awe inspiring and certainly motivating. We could talk for hours on that transformation and the steps she took to get there. There's more on that at her website and in her interview below!

Gail is, for me, the queen of alignment. She is really powerful in seeing how we are out of alignment with our authentic selves. She sees how we can get out of our own way, face fears, remove blocks, and have that life of adventure that we dream about! She also doesn't shy away from real talk, she taps right into our fear. One time talking with Gail I wrote down something she said, which I go to everyday to move through fear: “Fear is just excitement without breath, so breathe.”

Gail is changing the world through her example of living a passionate life. She’s changing lives as a coach, a fire starter, and a nurturing beacon of love. Her message of simplicity and authenticity, mixed with minimalism, balanced by living a scrumptious life resonates with women all over the world. I hope her Earth-Lights interview resonates with you.

I’ve told you my experience of Gail and if you want to know more her official bio is included after out interview.

Here is what Gail has to say about how she is Walking the Earth:

In a literal sense I walk the earth with everything I need in my backpack, traveling around the world to anywhere I feel called, whenever I feel called to travel there. It took many years, but I built that life very intentionally. I choose to live my life as a series of adventures. I believe that creating a life I love is the greatest adventure of all. To that end, I walk the earth from a space of alignment.

This was not always true for me, but I now allow my core self, to guide my life. I no longer chase achievements for the sake of checking off things I "should" do, but instead I make my decisions by asking: Will it make me feel the way I want to feel?

Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map, and subsequently discovering my Core Desired Feelings, completely changed my life. I now understand that I am wild, magical, supple, and luminous. I allow myself to say no to actions, beliefs, habits, people, anything at all that doesn't support me feeling that way. Wild. Magical. Supple. Luminous. That's what I say yes to.

My passion in life is supporting other women so that they feel this same sense of alignment and freedom. I'm here to liberate women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. The world needs turned on, lit up, whole women.

Her biggest obstacle/challenge to walking the earth

I didn't understand that everything breaks down to love or fear. It's actually so simple to me now, but I was stuck solidly in a fear-based worldview. I didn't realize the miracles that were waiting for me the moment I flipped my script.

A Course in Miracles teaches that the moment you shift you perception from fear to love is the moment a miracle occurs. I finally allowed myself to experience that miracle. Once I understood that I could choose to see things from a place of love, once I let go of my fear, my entire life radically changed.

We can discuss specific obstacles, like my Hashimoto's diagnosis, but even in that situation I chose love. Sitting in my doctor's office, looking at her hand on the thyroid in her throat as she said "Your body is attacking itself..." I knew it was because I wasn't speaking my truth. I also knew I'd never silence that truth again. That's love. That's a decision made from a place of love. That's the miracle that pulls me through all of my many adventures.

What she is working on now that she wants to highlight:

<> I'm obsessed with liberation, healing, and joy. Every bit of my work is designed to that end.

I designed an ecourse to help people release what they need to release in order to begin their adventurous life. The course is called Awaken: Your Adventure Begins. <>

I run a group coaching program called Align: Your Core Desired Feelings. I'm a licensed facilitator of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map material and that serves as the program's foundation. <>

I do work with a limited number of VIP clients one-one-one. <>

I also have come to realize in my own journey that physical health and the health of our soul are not separate issues. You must heal one to heal the other. One must be healthy in order for the other to be healthy. I've partnered with USANA Health Sciences to support the deep healing and holistic health of my clients.

What is new on the horizon:

I'm going full goddess. I've shied away from the full extent of my priestess vibe, but not any more.

Right now I'm working on the curriculum for Inner Goddess retreats both stateside and abroad. The women who come on that adventure will align each of their chakras and come to understand themselves as complex, powerful, multi-dimensional goddesses.

I will also lead a monthly Red Tent to support women on each New Moon. We've lost so much of what is sacred and magical about women and women's communities. I'm bringing it back. Stay tuned!

[ Maybe you transition by saying, I’ve told you my experience of Gail, now let me give you her official bio .. though it does feel like the better flow is just stick it at the end... all up to you of course :)]

Gail Jessen is a Coach and a Fire Starter who travels solo around the world, living out of her backpack.

For more than three decades she lived her life based on rules she didn't create. By her own admission she was an overachieving stress case addicted to external validation.

Then she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's - an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid and adrenals. She became obsessed with liberation and the proverbial following her bliss.

Within one year she sold everything she owned, lost over 100 pounds, left her 15-year university career, and booked a one-way ticket to Bali.

Now she works with women all over the world who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, women who are ready to radically change their lives. Gail facilitates clarity, permission, and freedom so women can create a life that turns them on and lights them up.

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